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Party with the Pro TM

Columbus Balloon Twister
The Party Pro is A "Master Balloon Twister" with 44 years experience working with children's and family entertainment. He is also a "Speed Twister" capable of producing 100 simple one balloon creations per hour. Or 20-25 larger multi-balloon creations per hour. The Party Pro used to be a mouth inflator but now uses a battery operated pump today.

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Birthday Party Entertainment

The Party Pro is perfect choice for birthday party entertainment. As a master balloon twister the Party Pro will supercharge the children and adults alike. See what the Party Pro can do for your event!

Corporate Entertainment
The Party Pro is a an ideal choice for any type of business entertainment. Office party! How about bringing your kids to work one day. They spice up the atmosphere. As a master balloon twister the Party Pro will kickstart your event in a hurry. See what the Party Pro can do for your event!
Balloon Twister
Sports Entertainment


Party Pro Entertainment is a children friendly entertainent providing clean entertainment for the Columbus, Ohio area. When the Party Pro comes to your event he works on what he calls his "Power Five Principles". The Party Pro will set the goal for your event.

1. STIMULATE: His first job is to stimulate the crowd and "Wake Them Up". Many times at an event people are walking around in zombie mode.

2. MOTIVATE: Once he wakes them up he then moves them to action. Cause a stir and excitement in the air.

3: DOMINATE: Think of the Party Pro as the "Balloon Twister In The Room". He likes to control the crowd and all eyes on him.

4.. EDUCATE: The Party Pro likes to tell jokes and stories. Sing and stir the mind. He plays trivia and such with his balloons and it can be a very educational time as well as a fun time. .

5. VACATE: All good things must come to an end and once his gig is up he must leave. Many times to go to another gig..


The Party Pro is available for any childrens friendly or family friendly event. Even if it is an all adult party. As long as it is understood that he only provides clean entertainment and does not provide blue entertainment. The following is a list of events that he is available for but it is not an inclusive list.

1. Birthday Parties

2. Business or Corporate Entertainment

3. School Festivals

4. Fairs and Festivals

5. Trade Shows

6. Home Owner Associations

7. Parks and Recreation

8. Church Picnics

9. Classic Car Shows

10. Sporting Events

Picnic Entertainment